Hydrogen Compression & Storage

Hydrogen Compression

Hydrogen Compressor


  • For heavy-duty, high-duty cycle Industrial Applications
  • Any pressure configuration all the way through to 1000 bar
  • Long service interval hours.
  • 35 MPa Hydrogen Refuelling Stations: Compressors reaching 450 bar
  • 70 MPa Hydrogen Refuelling Stations: HYDRUS booster reaching 1000 bar
  • Storage solutions 0 – 1000 bar

How do Hydrogen Compressors work?

The main components of the compressor are one hydraulic cylinder and two gas cylinders. A steel rod connects the oil piston with two gas pistons. The pressure of the oil on the oil piston moves the connecting rod and gas is compressed in the gas cylinders by the gas pistons. The only moving part is the connecting rod. With this simple construction all forces are on the same direction and are balanced by the hydraulic oil.

The gas and hydraulic sections are divided by a short distance piece at atmospheric pressure and two sets of seals, one on the gas and one on the oil side. With this solution there is virtually no oil carry-over.

The compressors are water-cooled. Gas and oil are cooled by heat exchangers and the gas cylinders have a cooling jacket. The cooling circuit is completed with a radiator and a circulation pump.

The inner surface of the gas cylinders is chrome plated. All gas seals are made of a special PTFE (Teflon) self-lubricating compound and the gas cylinders are non-lubricated. The inlet and outlet valves of each stage of the compressor are check-valves that require no maintenance at all.

All electrical apparatus on the compressor are designed to be used in a Z2 (Z1 upon request) hazardous area. The electric motors are explosion-proof and all instruments are intrinsically safe fed. Each compressor is complete with everything necessary for a correct and safe operation.

It always remains pressurised with no need for venting. The blow-down tank is therefore not required. The units are supplied mounted on a steel frame. There is no need for foundations; the units could be placed on the existing floor.

Electric board

To complete your Hydrogen installation, we will supply an electric board with protection grade IP55 to be located in a dedicated room at site. Inlet and outlet solenoid valves will close automatically in case of emergency or when the station is not in operation.

Hydrogen Storage

Depending on which sized system you require, we can provide 4000L 450 bar cylinders (approx 50 x 80 litres G-size)

Hydrogen storage cylinders

Containerised Hydrogen

We can supply a 10’ container to house the compressor, the electric board and the cooling system. The electric board will be installed in a niche separated by gas tight walls from the compressor room; cooling system will be installed on the roof.

All piping and cabling inside of the container, gas detector, heating and ventilation as well as the installation of all equipment is included.

Containers for Hydrogen Compressors